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The EU’s complicity in illegal tropical deforestation, EU, Fern, Stolen Goods: The EU’s complicity in illegal tropical deforestation, deforestation, non-governmental organisation, study, tropical forest

Schreibweisen werden auch in folgenden Labels verwendet:

EU, EU, Richtlinie 96/61/EG des Rates über die integrierte Vermeidung und Verminderung der Umweltverschmutzung., EU Commission guideline 96/61/EEC on the integrated avoidance and reduction of pollution, Bericht der EU über den Zustand der Umwelt, Bericht der EU über den Zustand der Umwelt, Bericht der EU über den Zustand der Umwelt, EU Report on the State of the Environment, Dobris-Bericht der EU, Dobris Report to the EU, EU fördert Abholzung im Tropischen Regenwald, Study on car subsidy schemes, Researchers Link Fastest Sea-Level Rise in Two Millennia to Increasing Temperatures, Beitritt der EU zu CITES, EU becomes a party to CITES, Conserving continuous forests is important for mitigation of climate change, Banco Santander stops financing forest destruction, Emissions trading: EU ETS emissions fall more than 11% in 2009, UBA study: Germany able to make 43-percent savings on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, WWF report: Almost a third of all natural World Heritage Sites under threat of oil, gas and mining exploration, EU Handelsverbot mit Robbenprodukte tritt in Kraft, EU ban on seal products trade goes into effect, Study shows rapid deforestation in Malaysia, Umweltausschuss stimmt CO2-Grenzen für leichte Nutzfahrzeuge zu, Environment Committee CO2 emissions: cleaner vans by 2020, Study reveals what the world thinks of climate change, Atlantic Water Warms the Arctic, Brazil President vetoes parts of forest law, Joint Implementation has undermined global climate ambition, study finds, Scientists analyse the extent of ocean acidification, Chemical pollution of European waters is stronger than anticipated, Study: Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change, EU-gefördertes Projekt unterstützt Kartierung der Umweltverschmutzung, EU funded project helps to map pollution, EU stoppt Thunfischfang im Mittelmeer vorzeitig, Halbzeitbewertung der EU-Biodiversitätsstrategie veröffentlicht, BirdLife Europe releases the mid-term assessment of the EU Biodiversity strategy, EU-Projekt ECO2 unter der Leitung des IFM-GEOMAR gestartet, EU-project ECO2 led by IFM-GEOMAR started, Ban on seal products in the EU, Bericht „Arktischer Fußabdruck und Politikbewertung der EU“ wurde veröffentlicht, Study at Cologne-Bonn airport points to heightened risk of cardiovascular ailments owing to night-time aircraft noise, Erste Europäische Woche für nachhaltige Energie (EU Sustainable Energy Week - EUSEW), First EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest, EU beschließt endgültiges Aus für klassische Glühbirnen, EU to phase out energy-guzzling light bulbs, EU: Abfall-Statistik: Eine halbe Tonne kommunaler Abfälle pro Person in der EU27 im Jahr 2007, EU: Waste Statistics: Half a ton of municipal waste generated per person in the EU27 in 2007, Greenpeace repor "Slaughtering the Amazon", Tierversuchsverbot für Kosmetika tritt EU-weit in Kraft, Animal testing ban come into force in the European Union, Study Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone, Neue Effizienzstandards für Computer, New energy efficiency requirements for computers, Multifold increase in heat extremes by 2040, REACH: EU verbietet Cadmium in Schmuck, in Legierungen zum Löten und in PVC, Chemicals/REACH: EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics, Rat der EU beschließt Beschränkung von Phosphaten in Waschmitteln, A new regulation to restrict the phosphates in detergents by the Council, Catastrophic Declines in Earth’s Wilderness Areas, Study Finds, The catastrophic decline of the world's freshwater turtles, Extension of energy production from biomass requires careful consideration, Kenya Launches Multimillion Dollar Appeal to Restore Vital Mau Forest, EU 100-Watt-Glühbirnenverbot tritt in Kraft, Neues EU-Logo für Bioprodukte, New logo for all EU organic products, Ministers approve EU ratification of Paris Agreement, Brazil's Parliament approves controversial forest law, Europäische GHS-VO in Kraft getreten, EU-GHS entered into force, Monitoring the CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in the EU: data for the year 2008, Carbon Mapping Breakthrough, WWF report identifies regions at risk for catastrophic deforestation by 2030, Overview of the Conservation Status of the Marine Fishes of the Mediterranean Sea, WWF: 2011 Forest Living Report Chapter 1, EU verschiebt die Entscheidung um die Verlängerung der Glyphosatzulassung, EU delays glyphosate decision, Hormone disrupting chemical Bisphenol A can transfer from receipts into our bloodstream, Mega trucks do not help to protect the climate, Autohersteller müssen Schadstoff-Ausstoß künftig unter realen Bedingungen messen lassen, Klima- und Energiepaket der EU tritt in Kraft, EU climate and energy package enter into force, EU Umweltrat verabschiedet Stellungnahme zu endokrinen Disruptoren, The Environment Council adopts a statement on Endocrine disruptors, Das europäische Naturschutzrecht bleibt fit für die Zukunft, EU conservation legislation remains fit for the future, Deforestation reaches record high in Brazil , Extreme weather explains mangrove deaths in in Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, European Commission adopts a new Action Plan to improve the protection of nature and biodiversity in the EU, Germany has become the first country in the European Union (EU) to introduce a limit on uranium in drinking water, Irreversible ocean warming threatens the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, University of Siegen: Sea level rising at triple speed since 1990, EU ergänzt Liste der invasiven Arten, New invasive alien species included to EU’s list, The economic value of the Great Barrier Reef, Study in the Mackenzie Delta in Canada: Thawing permafrost releases old greenhouse gas, Study proves methane leaks around North Sea boreholes, Study: Electricity consumption in Europe will shift under climate change, EU verlängert Zulassung von Glyphosat um weitere fünf Jahre, Emissionshandel: Rückgang des CO2-Ausstoßes in der EU um 11% im Jahr 2009