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Energy efficiency measures for international shipping adopted, Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) , IMO, International Maritime Organisation , carbon dioxide, energy efficiency standard, ship emissions , shipping traffic

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Weltschifffahrtsorganisation IMO beschließt weltweites Schwefellimit in Kraftstoffen ab 2020, IMO sets 2020 date for ships to comply with low sulphur fuel oil requirement, Environment Committee CO2 emissions: cleaner vans by 2020, Scientists analyse the extent of ocean acidification, 2010 Emissions down by 25 percent over 1990 levels, NASA Launches Carbon Mission to Watch Earth Breathe, First-time research of power plant carbon dioxide in geological storage, Neue IMO-Energieeffizienzregeln für Schiffe, CO2 concentrations top 400 parts per million throughout northern hemisphere, Agreement over CO2 limit values for passenger cars, Cabinet adopts CCS act, China burns much more coal than reported, An international team of researchers gains new insights into arctic permafrost, CO2 reaches tops 400 ppm, Tropical coral reefs lose two thirds of their zooplankton through ocean acidification, Global emissions of greenhouse gases have reached another new all-time high, In 2013 global CO2 emissions exceed 35 billion tonnes for the first time, Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought, Study on car subsidy schemes, Report: Trends in Global CO2 Emissions 2012, Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest, Carbon dioxide concentrations reach 410 ppm