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China burns much more coal than reported, China, New York Times, carbon dioxide, coal consumption, emission, fossil fuel, greenhouse gas

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Eastern Europe countries reject IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100, China und USA treten dem Pariser Klimaabkommen bei, China, U.S. hand over instruments of joining Paris Agreement to Ban Ki-moon, China: Rekordstrafe in Umweltskandal verhängt, Court in China issues record pollution fine, Industrieprojekt in China nach Protesten gestoppt, China protests stop waste water project, China will HCFC-Produktion stoppen, Montreal Protocol deal with China, China meldet nationales Klimaziel für das Weltklimaabkommen 2015 in Paris, China Submits its Climate Action Plan Ahead of 2015 Paris Agreement, European Parliament backs back-loading proposal, Serious greenhouse-gas accounting error related to bioenergy identified, Erstmals verklagt chinesischer Bürger Regierung wegen Smog, China smog: Shijiazhuang man attempts to sue government, Environment Committee CO2 emissions: cleaner vans by 2020, Deutsch-Chinesische Zusammenarbeit der Städte Düsseldorf und Wuxi für kommunalen Klimaschutz, Start of an Exemplary Sino-German Cooperation on Municipal Climate Protection between the Cities of Düsseldorf and Wuxi, Scientists analyse the extent of ocean acidification, Blauer Engel kooperiert mit Umweltzeichen in China und Japan, USA und China einigen sich auf Klimaziele, The U.S. and China Just Announced Important New Actions to Reduce Carbon Pollution, Luftverschmutzung erreicht in Shanghai Rekordwert, Shanghai pollution figures hit record highs, Environment MEPs vote to curb off-road engine pollution, China zieht Millionen Altautos aus dem Verkehr um die Luftqualität zu verbessern, China to scrap millions of cars to improve air quality, 2010 Emissions down by 25 percent over 1990 levels, European Environment Agency: EU shows leadership ahead of Paris with 23% emissions cut, Jerry Brown orders big cut in greenhouse gases by 2030, Chinesischer Dokumentarfim "Under the Dome" veröffentlicht, CO2 emissions fall in 2011 despite strong economy, NASA Launches Carbon Mission to Watch Earth Breathe, California Air Resources Board Approves Advanced Clean Car Rules, First-time research of power plant carbon dioxide in geological storage, Energy efficiency measures for international shipping adopted, CO2 concentrations top 400 parts per million throughout northern hemisphere, China zerstört 6,15 Tonnen konfisziertes Elfenbein, China crushes 6 tons of confiscated ivory, EU emissions trading system: Council of Member States votes in favour of negotiations with European Parliament, Agreement over CO2 limit values for passenger cars, Ölpest in der Bohai-Bucht, Bohai Bay Oil Spill, Explosionen in Tianjin, Tianjin explosions, Überschwemmungen in China spült Giftfässer in den Fluss Songhua, Ölpest in Dalian, China, Oil Spill in Dalian, China, China: Leck in Ölpipeline verseucht Trinkwasser in Lanzhou, Explosionen in einer Chemiefabrik in Jilin, China, Jilin chemical plant explosions, China, Nordwestchina: Ölteppich auf einem Nebenarm des Gelben Flusses, Northwest China: Oil spill has polluted a tributary of the Yellow River, Greenpeace action against sulphur dioxide emissions, Cabinet adopts CCS act, New vehicle taxe, Surprising climate balance: In the long term lakes in permafrost areas have sequestered more greenhouse gas from the atmosphere than they released during their formation, China verbrennt mehr Kohle als angenommen, Greenhouse Gases in the Southern Ocean: First Evidence of Active Methane Emission at the Antarctic Seafloor, Global carbon dioxide concentrations surpass 400 parts per million, An international team of researchers gains new insights into arctic permafrost, CO2 reaches tops 400 ppm, Tropical coral reefs lose two thirds of their zooplankton through ocean acidification, Drei-Schluchten-Staudamm in China erstmals komplett gefüllt, China's Three Gorges Dam reaches maximum water level for first time, Global emissions of greenhouse gases have reached another new all-time high, In 2013 global CO2 emissions exceed 35 billion tonnes for the first time, Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought, Greenhouse Gases Reach Record Levels in 2009, Feinstaubbelastung in Peking Januar 2013, Beijing air pollution in January 2013, Peking: Extrem hohe Belastung durch PM2,5-Feinstaub, Beijing: Extremely High Levels of PM2.5, Study on car subsidy schemes, Methane releases from Arctic shelf may be much larger and faster than anticipated, Methane impact on global warming much greater than thought, Report: Trends in Global CO2 Emissions 2012, Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest, Singapore plans carbon tax from 2019, Carbon dioxide concentrations reach 410 ppm, Study proves methane leaks around North Sea boreholes, Vor Chinas Küste - Tankerunglück hinterlässt giftige Ölteppiche (iranischer Öltanker "Sanchi")