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Canadian nuclear power plant leak, Canada, Lake Ontario, Pickering, leak, nuclear power plant

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Oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, Major oil leak in southern Brazil, Accident at Biblis nuclear power station, Agreement on the revised Nuclear Safety Directive, Rainbow Pipeline Incident, German federal states file lawsuit against nuclear power extension, Greenpeace activists occupy France’s Fessenheim nuclear power plant, New Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Final Report on the Accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations of Tokyo Electric Power Company, EU decision on controversial oil sands postponed, Shell legt Teersandprojekt auf Eis, Shell Canada withdraws regulatory application for Pierre River Mine, Nexen’s Fort McMurray pipeline spill, German nuclear power plants to undergo safety review, German Government plans total nuclear shutdown by 2022, Shell contributes offshore rights near Lancaster Sound to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Bulgarian Parliament confirms decision to stop Belene NPP construction, Germany asks Belgium to hit the switch on disputed Tihange and Doel nuclear reactors, Japan restarts third nuclear reactor, 2011: Canada increases seal hunt quota, Oil spill in Red Deer River, Alberta, Threatened Lake of the Year 2013: Lake Winnipeg in Canada, Arctic Nations Sign Declaration to Prevent Unregulated Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, Fukushima cooling systems hit by power cut, Krümmel nuclear power plant starts up again, Reaktorschnellabschaltung im AKW Krümmel, Greenpeace occupies Unterweser nucelar power plant, RWE, Vattenfall must shut down Biblis A and Brunsbuettel, Quick Shutdown in Nuclear Power Plant Emsland, French nuclear power plant shut down on Cooling Problems, Plutonium found in Fukushima plant soil, Greenpeace protests Europe's ageing nuclear plants, Stress tests for Europe's atomic power plants, Shut down of the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear reactor, EU, US, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance, Northwest China: Oil spill has polluted a tributary of the Yellow River, Lac-Mégantic derailment, Greenpeace Energy takes action against state aid for nuclear power, Keystone XL pipeline proposal rejected, Jebel al-Zayt oil spill, Leck in kanadischem Atomkraftwerk, Japan to enforce no-go zone around nuclear plant, Eleventh Un Climate Chance Conference, Montreal (COP 11/ CMP 1), Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster, E.ON suspends operation of its oldest nuclear power station Isar-1, Unterweser nuclear power plant, GKN I and KKP 1 nuclear power plants go offline, Resolute Forest Products’ FSC Forest Management Certificates to be suspended, Fukushima nuclear plant leaks radioactive water, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, Incident at the Forsmark nuclear power plant:, Greenpeace activists protested against the nuclear policy of the German government, Nuclear reactor not to be kept on stand-by, Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant, President Trump gives approval to Keystone XL oil pipeline, Study in the Mackenzie Delta in Canada: Thawing permafrost releases old greenhouse gas