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EU, US, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance, Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean research alliance, Canada, European Uniona, Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation, United States , research

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Shell legt Teersandprojekt auf Eis, Shell Canada withdraws regulatory application for Pierre River Mine, EU decision on controversial oil sands postponed, Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved, European centres launch climate research alliance, Shell contributes offshore rights near Lancaster Sound to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, 2011: Canada increases seal hunt quota, Arctic Nations Sign Declaration to Prevent Unregulated Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, Keystone XL pipeline proposal rejected, Resolute Forest Products’ FSC Forest Management Certificates to be suspended, Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, Eleventh Un Climate Chance Conference, Montreal (COP 11/ CMP 1), Odyssey Ölkatastrophe, Rainbow Pipeline Incident, Nexen’s Fort McMurray pipeline spill, Oil spill in Red Deer River, Alberta, Lac-Mégantic derailment, Canadian nuclear power plant leak, Threatened Lake of the Year 2013: Lake Winnipeg in Canada, Industrial black carbon suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat, Research reports costs of invasive species’ damage to ecosystem services, President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans, First underwater images of Amazon Coral Reef, President Trump gives approval to Keystone XL oil pipeline, Study in the Mackenzie Delta in Canada: Thawing permafrost releases old greenhouse gas

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