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Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved, Los Angels, United States , ban, plastic bag

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MEPs vote for tougher rules on reducing single-use plastic bags, Paris bans half of city's traffic, Bahamas bans shark fishing, MEPs clamp down on wasteful use of plastic carrier bags, New York City bans single-use styrofoam products, European Commission proposes full ban on driftnets, Fracking Bans Pass in Denton, Texas, California Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, Paris to ban the most polluting diesel vehicles by July 2015, Significant conservation victory for the Great Barrier Reef, French shop window lighting ban, Antarctic fuel oil ban enters into force, EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea, Ferries banned from dumping toilet waste in Baltic Sea, Mexico bans gillnets, New York to ban fracking due to health risks, EU, US, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance, Genetically modified corn ban in Germany, EU countries will be allowed to tax plastic bags, Reducing the use of lightweight plastic carrier bags, EU votes for non-renewal of three herbicides, Greenpeace action against whaling, Fracking ban upheld by French constitutional court, Genetically modified corn ban was justified, Ban on seal products in the EU, Chemicals/REACH: EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics, EU 100 watt light bulbs ban comes into force, European Parliament ban deep-sea fishing below 800 meters, President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans, European Citizens Launch Initiative to Ban Glyphosate, EU Parliament votes to ban pesticides from ecological focus areas, Mexico bans gill nets to save endangered vaquita porpoise, Kenya plastic bag ban comes into force, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries

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