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Significant conservation victory for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Queensland, Sustainable port development bill, ban, dumping, marine pollution

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Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in danger, Paris bans half of city's traffic, Australian Government abolish the carbon tax, Bahamas bans shark fishing, New York City bans single-use styrofoam products, Australian scientists find new reef, Australia lists the koala as a threatened species, Australien billigt unter neuen Auflagen Carmichael-Kohlemine, Australia approves Carmichael coal mine, G20 support strong and effective action to address climate change, Australien genehmigt Carmichael Kohlemine, Carmichael coal mine approval, European Commission proposes full ban on driftnets, Australia starts carbon tax, Australia removed from a UN climate change report, Fracking Bans Pass in Denton, Texas, Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved, California Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, Paris to ban the most polluting diesel vehicles by July 2015, Besserer Schutz für das Great Barrier Reef, French shop window lighting ban, Australia submits INDC, Approval for Adani's Carmichael coalmine overturned by federal court, Antarctic fuel oil ban enters into force, EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea, Ferries banned from dumping toilet waste in Baltic Sea, Mexico bans gillnets, Australien genehmigt Ausbau des Kohleladeverladehafens Abbot Point, Abbot Point coal port expansion in north Queensland approved, New York to ban fracking due to health risks, Australischer Kohlehafen Abbot Point wird weiter ausgebaut, Abbot Point: Federal Government approves huge coal port expansion near Great Barrier Reef, Australian town bans bottled water, Australia creates the world's biggest marine reserves network, Biologists prepare guidelines for a more precise investigation into marine pollution from microplastic particles, ICJ whaling case, Commercial fertilization of oceans banned - First-ever legally binding regulations adopted, Genetically modified corn ban in Germany, EU countries will be allowed to tax plastic bags, Emissions Reduction Fund legislation passed by Australian Senate, Tasmanischen Teufel als "bedroht" eingestuft, Australia to kill 2mn feral felines to protect native species, EU votes for non-renewal of three herbicides, Australia: Human sign calls for Government action on climate change, Montara Oil Spill, Kohlefrachter havariert vor Great Keppel Island, Australien, Coal carrier grounding off Great Keppel Island, Australia, Container ship accident off Australian coast, Christmas Island oil spill, Greenpeace action against atomic waste dumping at sea., Greenpeace action against British and Dutch atomic dumping ships, Spent acid dumping in the North Sea, Greenpeace action against spent acid dumping, Greenpeace action against North Sea dumping, Greenpeace action against whaling, Greenpeace action against Russian dumping of atomic waste at sea, Fracking ban upheld by French constitutional court, Genetically modified corn ban was justified, Ban on seal products in the EU, Chemicals/REACH: EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics, Council adopts new legislation against ship-source pollution, EU 100 watt light bulbs ban comes into force, Iceberg off Macquarie Island, First mammal declared extinct due to climate change, Huge mangrove dieback confirmed by surveys, he Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its coral in the last 27 years, Rising sea temperatures stress corals at Lord Howe Island, Strände von Queensland wurden zum Katastrophengebiet erklärt, Australia's beaches were declared a disaster zone, New dolphin species discovered, WWF: Toxic pollution from floods threatens marine life, 200 pilot whales and dolphins stranded in Australia, 35 per cent coral death in parts of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia's warmest year, Mystery Mass Death Of 70 Green Turtles In Australia, European Parliament ban deep-sea fishing below 800 meters, President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans, European Citizens Launch Initiative to Ban Glyphosate, Extreme weather explains mangrove deaths in in Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, EU Parliament votes to ban pesticides from ecological focus areas, The economic value of the Great Barrier Reef, Mexico bans gill nets to save endangered vaquita porpoise, Kenya plastic bag ban comes into force, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries

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