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EU endorses new OECD rules on export credits, European Council, European Union, OECD, coal-fired power plants, export credits

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OECD, OECD, Year of the Environment, Fourth European Environmental Action programme, European Union (EU), Studie untersucht Abwrackprämie, Study on car subsidy schemes, Celebrating 20 years of EU nature protection, Environment: New rules on illegal timber come into force across EU, Higher EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, EU and Indonesia sign deal to curb illegal timber, EU is breaching access to justice law, UN Committee finds, Eastern Europe countries reject IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100, New EU support to reduce illegal killing of elephants and other endangered species in developing countries, A new integrated EU policy for the Arctic adopted, 2030 climate and energy policy framework, Nuclear waste: Commission proposes safety standards for final disposal, Paris Agreement to enter into force as EU agrees ratification, European Council adopts rules on invasive alien species, EU decision on controversial oil sands postponed, Britain to phase out coal by 2025, Treibhausgasemissionen: Einrichtung einer Marktstabilitätsreserve gebilligt, Internationaler Frachtverkehr vervierfacht sich bis 2050, International freight transport to quadruple by 2050, Launch of the European Fish Fight Campaign, European Environment Agency: EU shows leadership ahead of Paris with 23% emissions cut, Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010, WHO: Review of Evidence on Health aspects of air pollution – REVIHAAP Projekt“, Commission announces new strategy to halt biodiversity loss within ten years, European Union Action Plan for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, The General Court confirms the validity of the Regulation on the marketing of seal products, Revision of "Eurovignette" Directive, Animal testing ban come into force in the European Union, European Parliament approves stricter rules to save bluefin tuna, EU puts off glyphosate ruling, European Red List of Birds launch, Fish Dependence Day 2016, The Council of the European Union adopted a decision to delay by one year implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme for incoming and outgoing international flights., EU schließt sich neuen Regeln der OECD für Exportkredite an, EU environment ministers prepare the EU position for the UN Climate Change Conference, Ministers approve EU ratification of Paris Agreement, WWF legt OECD Beschwerde ein, Soco’s exploration in Virunga violates OECD guidelines, WWF alleges, EU and USA agree to strengthen cooperation to combat illegal fishing, New EU forest strategy, Full EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics enters into force, EU prepares the way for a quick ratification of Paris Agreement, Climate change: European Union notifies EU emission reduction targets following Copenhagen Accord, EU countries will be allowed to tax plastic bags, EU environment ministers oppose weakening of European nature conservation law, EU approves new rules for Member States to drastically cut air pollution, Essen officially becomes the European Green Capital for 2017, Protected areas increased in the European Union, Germany has become the first country in the European Union (EU) to introduce a limit on uranium in drinking water, New invasive alien species included to EU’s list