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vessel, damage, Indonesia, Caledonian Sky, coral reef, Radja Ampat Islands, MS Caledonian Sky rams coral reef in Indonesian waters

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EU and Indonesia sign deal to curb illegal timber, Endangered rhino born in captivity, Indonesia launches World’s biggest manta ray sanctuary, Indonesia announces two-year moratorium on deforestation, Abbot Point coal port expansion in north Queensland approved, International Year of the Rhino declared, Bukit Tigapuluh, Indonesia: Rainforest area secured, A New Tarsier Species from Central Sulawesi, Thirteenth UN Climate Change Conference, Bali (COP 13 / CMP 3), First World Ocean Conference in Indonesia, Coal carrier grounding off Great Keppel Island, Australia, Oil Leaking from Sunken Vessel Nikolay Bauman Threatens Danube Delta, Tug grounded on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, State of emergency for Galapagos Islands after ship runs aground, Container with toxic chemicals fell off Finnish ship near Swedish coast, Rare Sumatran rhino found, Tropical coral reefs lose two thirds of their zooplankton through ocean acidification, Coral bleaching threatens Great Barrier Reef, Rising sea temperatures stress corals at Lord Howe Island, Seegras erstickt die küstenahen Bereiche des Great Barrier Reef, New Indonesian orang-utan population discovered, Critically Endangered Javan Rhinos and Calves Captured on Video, Research reports costs of invasive species’ damage to ecosystem services, First underwater images of Amazon Coral Reef, MS Caledonian Sky rammt Korallenriff in Indonesien, Bonn Challenge crosses the 150 million hectare milestone, New species of orangutan announced




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