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Fish of the Year 2015 is the Huchen, Danube, Danube salmon , Habitats Directive, Huchen, Hucho hucho, endangered species, fish, fish of the year, freshwater fish

Schreibweisen werden auch in folgenden Labels verwendet:

Myanmar Officially Designates World’s Largest Tiger Reserve in the Hukaung Valley, Commission urges Germany to correctly apply EU nature protection requirements in relation to a coal power plant in Hamburg/Moorburg, Environment: Commission refers Germany to Court over coal power plant in Moorburg, Nature Alert campaign, Major EU countries join fight to protect European Nature Laws, First Danube Day, Bulgaria: Danube oil spill, Fish of the Year 1995 is the Anguilla anguilla, Fish of the Year 1996 is the Sea trout, Fish of the Year 2000 is the Atlantic salmon, Fish of the Year 2002 is the Burbot, Fish of the Year 2012 is the Lamprey, Fish of the Year 2011 is the Grayling, Fische des Jahres 2015 ist der Huchen, Fish of the Year 2010 is the Crucian Carp, Fish of the Year 2014 is the Sturgeon, Fish of the Year 2017 is European flounder, Fish of the Year 2005 is the Brown Trout, Fish of the Year 2006 is the European bullhead, Fish of the Year 2007 is the Tench, Fish of the Year 2008 is the Bitterling, Fish of the Year is the Northern pike, Fish of the Year 2013 is the Trout, Fish of the Year 2009 is the European eel, Landscape of the Year 2007/2009 is the Danube Delta, Pesticides can harm amphibians, says study, EU conservation legislation remains fit for the future, Laboratory Animal of the Year 2016 is the Fish, Protected areas increased in the European Union, Fish of the Year 2018 is the Three-spined stickleback, Court of Justice of the European Union tells Poland to halt Białowieża Forest logging