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spider, Mexico, new species, large cave-dwelling spider, Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider, Califorctenus cacachilensis, discovery, New spider species found in Mexico

Same spelling in use by the following Labels:

Oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, First UN World Population Conference in Mexico, Spider of the year 2000 is the Water spider, Spider of the year 2001 is the Wasp spider, New gibbon species discovered in Indochina, European Spider of the Year 2013 is the Common Purse-web Spider, Sixteenth UN Climate Change Conference Cancun (COP 16 / CMP 6), European Spider of the Year 2016 is the Cyclosa conica, European Spider of the Year 2015 is the Anyphaena accentuata, Mexico bans gillnets, Spider of the Year 2004 is the Huntsman spider, Spider of the Year 2006 is the Crab spider, Spider of the Year 2010 is Garden Spider, Spider of the Year 2008 is the Tegenaria atrica, WWF report The Eastern Himalayas – Where Worlds Collide, 1000 new species discovered and described, European Spider of the Year 2012 is the Large cave spider, European Spider of the Year 2014 is the Linyphia triangularis, Smithsonian scientists discover new carnivore: the olinguito, European Spider of the Year 2017 is the Walnut Orb-weaver Spider, Two new frog species discovered in the Philippines, Mining Spill in Mexico, Monarch butterfly migration at risk of disappearing, Israel: New spider species discovered, Historic environmental flow in the Colorado River, A New Tarsier Species from Central Sulawesi, Spider of the Year 2003 is the Daddy-long-legs spider or Cellar spider, New species of hammerhead shark discovered in Belize, Mexico bans gill nets to save endangered vaquita porpoise