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International Court of Justice orders Japan to halt Antarctic whaling, Antarctic, International Court of Justice, JARPA II whaling program, Southern Ocean, The Hague, court decision, not for scientific purposes, whaling

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Greenpeace action against whaling., Greenpeace action against whaling., Greenpeace action against whaling, Greenpeace's Antarctic station, Agreement on protecting the Antarctic, Greenpeace action against whaling, Whale sanctuary in the Antarctic, Oil spillage in the Antarctic, Marine Art des Monats Juli 2010, Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats, Ongoing Retreat in the Arctic, new maximum in the Antarctic, Whaling nations block South Atlantic sanctuary plans, Germany marks 30 years of efforts to protect the Antarctic, CCAMLR has declared its first high seas MPA in the Antarctic region, 65th meeting of the IWC in Slovenia, Japan to resume research whaling in Antarctic, Antarctic fuel oil ban enters into force, Study: Ocean acidification slows algae growth in the Southern Ocean, Marine Species of the Month - December 2010, CCAMLR to create world's largest Marine Protected Area, Huge Antarctic iceberg headed for open ocean, Japan whaling ships to set sail for Antarctic, Talks on Antarctic Marine Reserve Fail to Reach Agreement, ICJ whaling case, No fin whales to be hunted in Iceland 2016, Plans for marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean fail again, New Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean unveiled, Japan whaling season ends early, Review of the state of Antarctica’s climate, Record decline of ice sheets: For the first time scientists map elevation changes of Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers, IWC limits on scientific whaling, Record low temperature recorded in Antarctica, AWI: Comprehensive long-term study on ambient sound in the Southern Ocean published, International judges of the Monsanto Tribunal present their legal opinion