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CCAMLR to create world's largest Marine Protected Area, Antarctica, CCAMLR, Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, Hobart, Marine Protected Area, New Zealand, Ross Sea, Southern Ocean

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New Zealand Announces Creation Of Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary, Marine Art des Monats Juli 2010, Deutschland beantragt Meeresschutzgebiet in der Antarktis, Germany is proposing a Marine Protected Area in Antartica, CCAMLR weist erstes Hochsee-Meeresschutzgebiet im Bereich der Antarktis aus, CCAMLR has declared its first high seas MPA in the Antarctic region, Japan to resume research whaling in Antarctic, CCAMLR: Schaffung des größten Meeresschutzgebiets der Welt vereinbart, Verhandlungen zur Ausweisung von Schutzgebieten in der Antarktis gescheitert, Talks on Antarctic Marine Reserve Fail to Reach Agreement, Plans for marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean fail again, New Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean unveiled, Japan whaling season ends early, First carbon-free polar station opens in Antarctica, Sondersitzung der CCAMLR-Kommission in Bremerhaven, Special meeting of the CCAMLR-Commission in Bremerhaven, Chinese fish factory sank in the Antarctic after the fire, Container Ship Grounded on New Zealand Reef, Cargo ship Rena breaks up off New Zealand, International Court of Justice orders Japan to halt Antarctic whaling, Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats, Japan tsunami caused icebergs to break off in Antarctica, Study: Ocean acidification slows algae growth in the Southern Ocean, Huge Antarctic iceberg headed for open ocean, Further break-up at Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica, Huge algal bloom in Antarctica visible from space, Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record High Levels, Iceberg collides with the ice shelf edge near Neumayer Station III, AWI: Comprehensive long-term study on ambient sound in the Southern Ocean published, Larsen C calves trillion ton iceberg

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