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Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, global warming, tropical storm

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Philippines launches world’s first national human rights investigation into 50 big polluters, Kigali Amendment, Huge Cruise Ship Completes Northwest Passage Arctic Journey, IPCC agrees a special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 ºC, US pays Philippines compensation for reef damage, Kommission verwarnt Philippinen und Papua-Neuguinea wegen unzureichender Bekämpfung der illegalen Fischerei, Hazards of extreme precipitation events experienced more often starting 2040, Two new frog species discovered in the Philippines, Federal Environment Minister visits research stations on Svalbard, Philippines’ Supreme Court bans development of genetically engineered products, Oil spillage off the Philippines, Oil spill off the coast of the Philippines, Endosulfan on board MV Princess of Stars, Protected coral reef damaged by US Navy ship, Establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Threatened Lake of the Year 2014: Lake Sampaloc in Philippines, Global November average temperature highest on record;, The North Pole is 20 C warmer than normal, Study: Intensification and poleward shift of oceanic boundary currents, 2009 Hottest Year on Record in Southern Hemisphere, May 2013 Was World's 3rd Warmest on Record, 35 per cent coral death in parts of the Great Barrier Reef, Climate change accelerated in 2001-2010, Methane impact on global warming much greater than thought, Report: Trends in Global CO2 Emissions 2012, Study: Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change, Risks of global warming have been underestimated, International report confirms 2016 was warmest year on record for the globe, More than 125 countries have given the green light to a higher conservation status for migratory species


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