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Report: Trends in Global CO2 Emissions 2012, 2011, CO2, carbon dioxide, emission, global CO2 emissions, global warming

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Greenpeace action against sulphur dioxide emissions, Climate goals in Germany, Kiel: CO2 arme Autos parken gebührenfrei, Kiel offers free parking for low-emission cars, Study on car subsidy schemes, Umweltausschuss will niedrigere Emissionsgrenzen für Neuwagen, EU cars to reduce CO2 emissions, China burns much more coal than reported, Eastern Europe countries reject IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100, An international team of researchers gains new insights into arctic permafrost, UBA veröffentlicht Bericht zu vermiedenen Emissionen durch den Einsatz erneuerbarer Energien im Jahr 2007, UBA publishes report on emissions saved through use of renewable energies in 2007, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen enthüllen Klima-Uhr im Bundestag, Methane impact on global warming much greater than thought, Aktionsprogramm Klimaschutz 2020 beschlossen, Kabinett verabschiedet CCS-Gesetz, Cabinet adopts CCS act, Deutschland tritt der Initiative "Zero Routine Flaring by 2030" bei, CO2 reaches tops 400 ppm, Environment Committee CO2 emissions: cleaner vans by 2020, Tropical coral reefs lose two thirds of their zooplankton through ocean acidification, Global November average temperature highest on record;, Establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), The North Pole is 20 C warmer than normal, Kigali Amendment, Bericht: Globale Emissionstrend 2012, Life+ 2011: Europäische Kommission stellt 268,4 Mio. EUR für 202 neue Umweltprojekte bereit, Scientists analyse the extent of ocean acidification, USA und China einigen sich auf Klimaziele, The U.S. and China Just Announced Important New Actions to Reduce Carbon Pollution, Study: Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change, Study: Intensification and poleward shift of oceanic boundary currents, Environment MEPs vote to curb off-road engine pollution, 2010 Emissions down by 25 percent over 1990 levels, Schleswig-Holstein: Kabinett beschließt CCS-Gesetzentwurf, European Environment Agency: EU shows leadership ahead of Paris with 23% emissions cut, US Bundesstaat Kalifornien erhöht sein Klimaziel, Jerry Brown orders big cut in greenhouse gases by 2030, Huge Cruise Ship Completes Northwest Passage Arctic Journey, IPCC agrees a special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 ºC, Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest, New vehicle taxe, Eisendüngung bindet nur wenig CO2, Ocean fertilization will not help to reduce CO² levels, Greenpeace veröffentlicht Karte mit potentiellen CO2-Lagerstätten, Global emissions of greenhouse gases have reached another new all-time high, NASA Launches Carbon Mission to Watch Earth Breathe, Hazards of extreme precipitation events experienced more often starting 2040, Deutsche Meereswissenschaftler unterstreichen im Vorfeld der Weltklimakonferenz die Bedeutung der Ozeane, 400 ppm auch am Südpol gemessen, South Pole is last place on Earth to pass global warming milestone, 2009 Hottest Year on Record in Southern Hemisphere, In 2013 global CO2 emissions exceed 35 billion tonnes for the first time, California Air Resources Board Approves Advanced Clean Car Rules, Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought, CO2 Emissions Jump to Record Levels, First-time research of power plant carbon dioxide in geological storage, Greenhouse Gases Reach Record Levels in 2009, Federal Environment Minister visits research stations on Svalbard, Kohlenstoffkarte für den Amazonas, Energy efficiency measures for international shipping adopted, Italienisches Gericht verurteilt Manager wegen Umweltverschmutzung zu Haftstrafen, May 2013 Was World's 3rd Warmest on Record, CO2 concentrations top 400 parts per million throughout northern hemisphere, 35 per cent coral death in parts of the Great Barrier Reef, Risks of global warming have been underestimated, Climate change accelerated in 2001-2010, EU-Parlament stimmt für Reform des Emissionshandels, Sonnigster Frühling seit Beginn der Messungen, Sunniest spring ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan, Einigung über CO2-Grenzwerte bei PKW, Agreement over CO2 limit values for passenger cars, Singapur führt CO₂-Steuer in 2019 ein, Singapore plans carbon tax from 2019, Carbon dioxide concentrations reach 410 ppm, Erste kommerzielle CO2-Filteranlage der Welt ist in Betrieb gegangen, The world’s first commercially operational plant capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, International report confirms 2016 was warmest year on record for the globe