The Environment Chronicle

Notable environmental events between 1900 and 1909 Deselect

  1. Prussia sets up a State Office for the Care of Natural Heritage.

  2. The Congress concludes that "poor water quality threatened fisheries with total ruin."

  3. The Emscher cooperative is founded to regulate sewage treatment in the Ruhrgebiet. Similar cooperatives follow: Ruhrverband, Lippeverband, Niersverband, Wupperverband.

  4. NABU (then the BfV) starts a campaign to save the yellow-billed egret and the bird of paradise, which are hunted for their feathers (for use in women's hats).

  5. In 1901, the Royal Insititute for Research and Testing in Water Supply and Waste Disposal is founded, becoming the Royal State Insititute for Water Hygiene in 1913, the Prussian State Institute for Water, Soil and Air in 1923, the Imperial Institute for Water, Soil and Air in 1942, before finally settling down as the Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene under the Federal Health Office in 1952. In 1994, it became a department of the FEA, merging with it completely in 1999.