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Wind farm Baltic 2 officially put into operation, Baltic 2, Baltic Sea, EnBW, offshore wind farm, put into operation

Schreibweisen werden auch in folgenden Labels verwendet:

HELCOM launches a new project to promote advanced phosphorus removal, Offshore grid expansion: Proposal for a liability regime and an offshore grid development plan, Coast Forest Usedom - Forest of the Year 2016, Butendiek offshore wind farm officially opened, First International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, Ferries banned from dumping toilet waste in Baltic Sea, DanTysk offshore wind farm formally opened, Blue-green algae blooms filling the Baltic Sea, Joint Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme (BONUS), Humpback Whale spotted in German waters, The European Commission proposes a new Regulation for the sustainable management of Baltic salmon, Baltic Sea designated as particularly sensitive sea area, Collision between bulk carrier and container vessel, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck granted consent, Thanet Offshore wind farm opens off Kent, For the first time, AWI scientists have found evidence of living, potentially pathogenic vibrions on microplastic particles, German Environment Groups and Nord Stream reach agreement, Offshore wind farm Horn Rev 2 opens in Denmark, UN Conference in Bonn agrees Action Plans for Harbour Porpoises in the North and Baltic Sea, Windpark Baltic 2 geht offiziell in Betrieb, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, Six new Marine Protected Areas in the North and Baltic Seas