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U.S. destroys confiscated ivory stockpile, Colorado, Denver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States, ivory, poaching

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EPA lifts ban with BP, Kenya burns 5 tons of illegal ivory, 2013: A bad year for elephants, Mass killing of Cameroons elephants, President announces expansion of Papahānaumokuākea, Oregon Senate passes bill to scrap coal power, First International Snow Leopard Day, South Africa: A rhino poaching record set in 2014, USGA: Fracking fluids spill caused fish kill, France destroys illegal ivory, NOAA declares deaths of large whales in Gulf of Alaska an unusual mortality event, Tar sands spill from Exxon Mobil Corp’s Pegasus pipeline in central Arkansas, The U.S. and China Just Announced Important New Actions to Reduce Carbon Pollution, March 2012 – United States’ Warmest March, Successful conservation efforts pay off for humpback whales, BSEE gives Shell final nod to drill for oil in Arctic, CITES approves one-off sale off ivory to be followed by moratorium, Great Elephant Census Final Results, Ivory burning in Gabon, Foward on Climate' Rally in Washington, D.C., VW Manipulation of emission level, The National Park Service turns 100, EU and USA agree to strengthen cooperation to combat illegal fishing, International Conference to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade, USA zerstören beschlagnahmtes Elfenbein, WWF raises alarm over Mozambique elephant killings, China crushes 6 tons of confiscated ivory, Thailand seizes tons of African ivory, Elephant Massacre in Chad, Grand Canyon geflutet, US President Donald Trump backs Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, Rhino shot dead by poachers at French zoo , President Trump gives approval to Keystone XL oil pipeline, President Trump signs an Energy Independence Executive Order, US President Donald Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement, Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania, Keystone pipeline leaks 795,000 litres of crude oil in South Dakota