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Endosulfan on board MV Princess of Stars, Philippines, Princess of the Stars, endosulfan, ferry, pesticide, toxic

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Export of German toxic waste, End of toxic waste incineration on the high seas, Export of German toxic waste, Oil spillage off the Philippines, Philippines launches world’s first national human rights investigation into 50 big polluters, Threatened Lake of the Year 2014: Lake Sampaloc in Philippines, EU recommends endosulfan be registered as POP in Stockholm Convention, Maximum residue levels of pesticides, US pays Philippines compensation for reef damage, Oil spill off the coast of the Philippines, EU puts off glyphosate ruling, Kommission verwarnt Philippinen und Papua-Neuguinea wegen unzureichender Bekämpfung der illegalen Fischerei, EU mebers states fail to agree on glyphosate extension, New pesticide tax and indicator in Denmark, Two new frog species discovered in the Philippines, Philippines’ Supreme Court bans development of genetically engineered products, EU delays glyphosate decision, Endosulfan, alchlor and aldicarb listed under Rotterdam Convention, MV Princess of Stars hatte Pestizide an Bord, European Parliament adopted Plant Protection Products Regulation, Typhoon Haiyan, Protected coral reef damaged by US Navy ship, Glyphosate not classified as a carcinogen by ECHA, Ferry crashes into harbour wall in Gran Canaria, More than 125 countries have given the green light to a higher conservation status for migratory species