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Air quality: Commission urges Germany to comply with EU legislation, Directive 2008/50/EC , EU Commission, EU Legislation, PM10, air quality, air quality standards, airborne particles, particulate matter

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Germany: Air quality 2010, 2011: Ceiling for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter exceeded at many locations, Vorläufige Auswertung der Luftqualitätswerte des Jahres 2012, Interim assessment of air quality data of 2012, Drastic rise in fine dust in air, Feinstaubbelastung führt zu erhöhtem Herzinfarkt-Risiko, Long term exposure to air pollution linked to coronary events, WHO: Review of Evidence on Health aspects of air pollution – REVIHAAP Projekt“, Greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2.9 percent in 2011, New policy package to clean up Europe's air, Poor air quality kills 5.5 million worldwide annually, Germany: Particulate matter concentrations also high in 2009, Luftqualität: EU-Kommission ermahnt Deutschland, European Commission adopted its Work Programme for 2015, Judgement of the ECJ: Protection against particulate matter, Air quality: MEPs approve new national caps on pollutants, Time Extensions for Nitrogen Dioxide, Maps on air quality, Beijing air pollution in January 2013, EU Adopts World’s First Test for Diesel Car Emissions ‘On the Road’, Levels of particulate matter too high in Germany’s urban areas, MEPs back new national caps on pollutants, European Commission warns Germany of continued air pollution breaches, Commission welcomes agreement on clearer energy efficiency labelling rules to empower consumers, European environmental satellite Sentinel-5P is in space