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Water pollution in Norway, Norway, pollution, Water, chrysochromulina, phosphate

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Greenpeace action against chlorine bleaching, Greenpeace action against whaling, Thallium pollution in Lengerich, Chemical pollution in the English Channel, EU Commission guideline 96/61/EEC on the integrated avoidance and reduction of pollution, Pollution of the Rhine at Basel / Sandoz, Sandoz, Radioactive pollution in the Urals, Formal handover of the Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland, Parliament demands tougher rules to save the European eel stock, Icelandic container vessel runs aground off Norway, Erstes Osmose-Kraftwerk der Welt in Norwegen eingeweiht, Norway will divest from coal, Nexen’s Fort McMurray pipeline spill, Indonesia announces two-year moratorium on deforestation, IPPC Directive enter in force, Ban Ki-moon visits AWI research base, Arctic Nations Sign Declaration to Prevent Unregulated Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, Global mercury ban, Controversial Paper Mill at Lake Baikal to re-open, Revision of "Eurovignette" Directive, Russian fishery vessel grounded by the coast of the Bear Island, Cargo ship runs aground off Norwegians coast, Oil Spill in the North Sea, Oil spillage off the West coast of Norway, Polar Bear Meeting in Tromsø, First ever network of marine protected areas in the high seas beyond national jurisdiction, World map of river pollution, Ekofisk oil spill, Artic Seed Vault opened doors, New Yorker Klimagipfel startet neue Initiativen zum Schutz der Wälder, Permanent Secretariat of Arctic Council established in Tromsø, 25 years of the Arctic Station in Svalbard, Norway ratifies Paris Agreement, Oil spill off the coast of Norway, Greenpeace activists protest at a Statoil oil rig in northern Norway, Oslo European Green Capital 2019