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First international conservation conference, First, international, conservation, conference

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First centralised water supply in Germany, First sewage system in Germany, First hydroelectric power, First sewage treatment plant in Germany, First drinking water reservoir in Germany., First soda factory, First synthetic Ammonia production, European conservation conference in Paris, First Greenpeace activities in Germany, First magazine on chlorine-free paper, First report to the Club of Rome, First UN World Population Conference in Bucharest, First UN World Population Conference in Mexico, First regulations on health and material quality, First regulation on orderly waste disposal, First European Environmental Action programme, First car-free Sunday, First general administrative guidelines under the Federal Immissions Control Act (Technical Guidelines on Air Quality - TA Luft), First report by the German Environment Ministry's Advisory Scientific Council, First bird conservation day in Germany, First mains water in Zittau, First mains water in Breslau, First sewage treatment works, First waste incineration plant., Whaling nations block South Atlantic sanctuary plans, OSPAR protects Mid-Atlantic Ridge, European Union Action Plan for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, The Conference “The Great Transformation – Climate Change as Cultural Change“, International Polar Year 2007/2008, ASCOBANS, Climate 2008 / Klima 2008 - The world's C02-friendly Scientific Climate Conference, Kasane Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, First carbon-free polar station opens in Antarctica