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Climate Change in Europe - New report released by the European Environment Agency, Europe, European Environment Agency, climate change, report

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First report to the Club of Rome, Second report to the Club of Rome, Overcultivation in Europe, First report by the German Environment Ministry's Advisory Scientific Council, Launch of major new Report to the Club of Rome : 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, New NOAA study estimates future loss of labor capacity as climate warms, Philippines launches world’s first national human rights investigation into 50 big polluters, Villach Conference, Greenpeace report: Lessons from Fukushima, Online now: the Regional Climate Atlas for Germany, Vulnerable Twenty Group Founded, Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate Legislation, Melt ponds cause the Artic sea ice to melt more rapidly, Climate scientists discover new weak point of the Antarctic ice sheet, Study measures methane release from permafrost, Higher EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, Blauer Kompass contest awards the vanguard of adaptation to climate change, International Polar Bear Day, 2015: the warmest year on record, WWF-Bericht: 123 neue Arten auf Borneo entdeckt, Eastern Europe countries reject IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100, EEA report: Air quality in Europe 2013, Climate change: Average temperatures on the rise, more hot days, An international team of researchers gains new insights into arctic permafrost, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican, UBA publishes report on emissions saved through use of renewable energies in 2007, Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats, First mammal declared extinct due to climate change, Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, WWF EU sniffer dog programme, Sixteenth UN Climate Change Conference Cancun (COP 16 / CMP 6), Environment State and Outlook report — SOER 2010 —released, UNEP: Water pollution in Asia, Africa and Latin America putting millions at risk, Young climate ambassadors from eleven countries launch international online climate network, Third UN Climate Change Conference in Kyoto (COP 3), New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources, Report: The Carbon Chasm, G20 support strong and effective action to address climate change, Peruvian farmer sues German utility RWE over dangers related to glacial melting, RSK publishes safety review report, Study reveals what the world thinks of climate change, Rapid decline in bumblebee species caused by climate change, study finds, Greenpeace report „Dirty Laundry: Hung Out to Dry Unravelling the toxic trail from pipes to products”, Australia removed from a UN climate change report, State of the World's Plants report launched, The North Pole is 20 C warmer than normal, UNISDR report The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters, The Atlantic cod conquers the Arctic, Study reveals startling decline in European birds, Vitoria-Gasteiz – European Green Capital 2012, Nantes – European Green Capital 2013, Stockholm: European Green Capital 2010, Hamburg - European Green Capital 2011, The first meeting of the European Marine World Heritage, German Climate Atlas online, European centres launch climate research alliance, Synovate and Deutsche Welle Global Study on Climate Change 2010, (Climate) Change in the North Sea, Study: Intensification and poleward shift of oceanic boundary currents, Greenpeace Report: World’s coal power plants consume enough freshwater to sustain 1 billion people, European Environment Agency: EU shows leadership ahead of Paris with 23% emissions cut, IPCC releases the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), Bulk carrier crosses Northwest Passage, Cyanide mining technologies should be banned in the EU, Ban Ki-moon visits AWI research base, European Natura 2000 Award, Joint Report by CARE, Germanwatch, ActionAid and WWF warns against irreparable damage from climate change for ecosystems and vulnerable countries, Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Melting glaciers: Peruvian requests German utility RWE to pay for protective measures, The EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment report was published, EUA Report "Water resources across Europe — confronting water scarcity and drought", 11,000 alien species invade Europe - A comprehensive overview, The Conference “The Great Transformation – Climate Change as Cultural Change“, Marine Litter: A Global Challenge (2009), World Bank Group unveils $16 Billion Africa Climate Business Plan to Tackle Urgent Climate Challenges, Natura 2000 network expanded, Greenpeace repor "Slaughtering the Amazon", Earth's lakes warming up due to climate change, Study Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone, WWF Report "The Coral Triangle and Climate Change“, Results on EU land cover and use published for the first time, European Parliament rejected calls to ban deepwater drilling in Europe's waters, Jülich scientists conduct research on climate in Europe using Zeppelin NT, Website CoolPlanet2009 is online, Youth win climate case in Massachusetts Supreme Court, REDD+ Partnership, Global emissions of greenhouse gases have reached another new all-time high, New global data on High Seas and Large Marine Ecosystems to support policy makers, Multifold increase in heat extremes by 2040, European Red List of Birds launch, Impacts of Europe's changing climate, Studies warn about the possible impacts of rising temperatures on the production of the Arabica coffee, Realizing a Global Framework for Climate Services, Proposal by the EU Comission on the financing of climate protection measures in developing countries, Stress tests for Europe's atomic power plants, Green Climate Fund ‘ready’ to start work, Global Witness: 185 environmental activists murdered in 2015, SOER 2015 — The European environment — state and outlook 2015, New York attorney general investigates whether Exxon Mobil lied about climate-change risks, Commercial fertilization of oceans banned - First-ever legally binding regulations adopted, Pope Francis releases 'Laudato Si' Encyclical, Federal Cabinet adopts Adaptation Action Plan, Commission review gives Member States a ‘must do better’ report for Marine Strategies, WWF and Allianz climate report: Climate change puts world at 'tipping point', Weather extremes provoked by trapping of giant waves in the atmosphere, IPCC veröffentlicht Bericht zu den Potentialen von erneuerbaren Energien bis 2050, Launch of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, New German-Russian research project starts with the first expeditions to the Arctic Ocean, Environmental statistics in Europe: Facts and figures on the environment: from environmental taxes to water resources, Federal Environment Minister visits research stations on Svalbard, Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus, European Court of Auditors cites Commission illegal logging strategy as failing, Europe's dragonflies, beetles and butterflies under threat, President Obama speaks on climate change, Backloading starts, Greenpeace Studie: Erneuerbare legen deutlich zu, Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change, Russia to evacuate floating ice station, Federal Environment Ministry supports population of St. Lucia with insurance against extreme weather damage, 35 per cent coral death in parts of the Great Barrier Reef, The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction launched in Bharain, Global permafrost zones in high-resolution images on Google Earth, New ESA satellite SMOS successfully lofted into orbit, New report by WWF: First Contact in the Greater Mekong, Populations of grassland butterflies decline almost 50 % over two decades, 2013 June floods in Central Europe, Illegal caviar trade in Bulgaria and Romania, Launch of the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT), Europäische Kommission veröffentlicht Debatte über den Klimaschutz der europäischen Wälder, European Commission launches public debate on protecting Europe's forests against climate change, NASA Study Finds Earth's Lakes are Warming, Tenth UN Climate Change Conference, Buenos Aires (COP 10), First Digital Map on Land Cover in Europe, Mongolian Cabinet holds meeting in Gobi desert, Europe’s amphibians and reptiles under threat, Indian monsoon: novel approach allows early forecasting, InterAcademy Council Report released, Largest elicitation on sea-level rise ever: 90 key experts from 18 countries, CDM project validation in need of improvement, Report “10 years of Water Framework Directive: a toothless tiger?”, NGO’s write benchmark Copenhagen climate treaty, German Arctic Office to act as consultant to politics and industry, President Trump signs an Energy Independence Executive Order, Climate suit against German utility RWE: Higher District Court will hear appeal, 30 foundation from eight countries initiate G20 platform for climate change and sustainability, International report confirms 2016 was warmest year on record for the globe, Study: Electricity consumption in Europe will shift under climate change, European environmental satellite Sentinel-5P is in space, Mapping the sources and level of air pollution in Europe: Commission publishes new Air Quality Index and Atlas, Ancient ferns highly threatened in Europe – IUCN Red List