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Successful first international flight for Solar IMPULSE, Solar Impulse, first international flight, solar airplane, solar power

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The first solar airplane to circumnavigate the world, World’s largest solar powered bridge in London, German Federal Parliament adopts changes for solar feed-in tariffs, White House begins installation of solar panels, Largest solar array of panels on a single building in Africa, Solar Impulse: Erster internationaler Flug gelungen, Parliament Approves EEG Amendment Cutting Solar Feed-in Tariffs, Agreement reached on German solar feed-in tariff, Unveiling of the World's Largest Solar Boat, New record: renewables make up 78% of power consumption, The first road in the world that converts sunlight into electricity is ready for use, German solar systems produce electricity with a capacity of more than 20,000 MW for the first time, Bundestag adopts modification of solar power feed-in tariffs, First European Solar Days, First solar powered cargo ship, Solar Impulse 2 completes first ever Atlantic crossing by solar plane, Record: Wind farms and solar plants produce more power than conventional power plants, Solarflugzeug Impulse - Überquerung Nordamerikas, Solar Impulse - Across America, World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Project at Ivanpah Achieves Commercial Operation, Desertec Industrial Initiative launched in Munich, Erfolgreicher Jungfernflug der Solar Impulse, Successful Maiden flight for Solar Impulse