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Greenpeace activists protested against the nuclear policy of the German government, Germany, Greenpeace , extension of the operational life of nuclear power plants, nuclear power plant, protest

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First drinking water reservoir in Germany., First centralised water supply in Germany, First sewage system in Germany, First sewage treatment plant in Germany, First Greenpeace activities in Germany, Greenpeace protest at Big Ben, Greenpeace protest at the Statue of Liberty, Greenpeace protest on the Georgi-Dimitrov Bridge, End of leaded standard petrol in Germany, Greenpeace protest at Wackersdorf nuclear reprocessing plant, Greenpeace protest against Russian atomic tests, Germany's first "Environmental Field Hospitals", Near-disaster in the North Sea off Germany, Climate goals in Germany, Sustainable development in Germany, First bird conservation day in Germany, Fifth UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (COP 5), EU to support development of electric vehicle transport roads in Europe, Brazilian – German Joint Statement on Climate Change, Agreement on the revised Nuclear Safety Directive, German Federal Cabinet approves Climate Action Plan 2050, Germany: Air quality 2010, Germany deposits instrument of ratification, Interim assessment of air quality data of 2012, German federal states file lawsuit against nuclear power extension, Federal cabinet adopted the Government Programme for Electric Mobility, Greenpeace: Nazca lines action, Greenpeace activists occupy France’s Fessenheim nuclear power plant, Federal Agency for Nature presents red list of vertebrates in Germany, Greenpeace defies Russian attempt to prevent Arctic oil protest, enters Kara Sea, China protests stop waste water project, UBA study: Germany able to make 43-percent savings on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, Naples: Protest Against Illegal Waste Dumping, Germany marks 30 years of efforts to protect the Antarctic, Commission refers GERMANY to the Court of Justice of the EU over water pollution caused by nitrates, Greenpeace veröffentlicht "Schwarzbuch Autolobby", Final Report on the Accident at Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Germany's First Offshore Wind Farm is Formally Commissioned, NABU starts project to to reduce marine litter, Germany is proposing a Marine Protected Area in Antartica, German national sustainability strategy " Perspectives for Germany", RSK publishes safety review report, Greenpeace activists protest in Barcelona against climate change, Dänisches Wattenmeer wird Teil des Weltnaturerbes, A new president for the Federal Environment Agency, Fossil of the Day to Germany at COP22, Environmental matters: European Commission takes Germany to Court over Access to Justice, Start of an Exemplary Sino-German Cooperation on Municipal Climate Protection between the Cities of Düsseldorf and Wuxi, Germany increases support for forest protection, Hamburg - European Green Capital 2011, Germany offers to host Green Climate Fund, WWF Amazon Day, New record: renewables make up 78% of power consumption, Living Lake of the Year 2016 - Lake Constance, German nuclear power plants to undergo safety review, Ancient Beech Forests - Germany submits nomination for UNESCO World Heritage List, German Government plans total nuclear shutdown by 2022, Greenpeace activists protest at Artic oil drilling on board an icebreaker in Helsinki, Federal Republic of Germany becomes the 64th member state of UNESCO, Bulgarian Parliament confirms decision to stop Belene NPP construction, Germany asks Belgium to hit the switch on disputed Tihange and Doel nuclear reactors, Japan restarts third nuclear reactor, MAB ICC 2011 in Dresden, Germany, Tanker sinks after explosions at refinery Emsland, Permanent German-Dutch Boundary Water Commission celebrates anniversary, Sperm Whale Stranding in the Nort Sea, Fukushima cooling systems hit by power cut, Krümmel nuclear power plant starts up again, Reaktorschnellabschaltung im AKW Krümmel, The first Lynx Path in Germany, Greenpeace stage a protest in front of the nuclear plant Kruemmel, Greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2.9 percent in 2011, Greenpeace Protest at Deutsche Bank Tower, Emissions trading: 9.4 percent lower CO2 emissions in 2009, Germany's first electricity generated by nuclear power, Third meeting of the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES), Germany first country to ratify IRENA's Statute, Greenpeace occupies Unterweser nucelar power plant, International Day of Action to Defend the Amazon, EU Commission closes German case on designation of special protection areas, RWE, Vattenfall must shut down Biblis A and Brunsbuettel, Germany: Particulate matter concentrations also high in 2009, Greenhouse gas emissions in 2008 at their lowest since 1990, Quick Shutdown in Nuclear Power Plant Emsland, French nuclear power plant shut down on Cooling Problems, Third National Forest Inventory, Plutonium found in Fukushima plant soil, Greenpeace protests Europe's ageing nuclear plants, Greenpeace opens African Office, Goldman prize 2011: Ursula Sladek, Stress tests for Europe's atomic power plants, Commission refers Germany to the Court of Justice of the EU over failure to apply Directive on mobile air conditioning, Essen ist Grüne Hauptstadt Europas 2017, Germany: Hottest April in 120 Years, Swabian Alb and Bliesgau recognized as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Low-emission zones, Shut down of the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear reactor, New York Climate Summit launches new initiatives to protect forests, Genetically modified corn ban in Germany, Kartendienst zur Luftqualität, Russia shuts Greenpeace out of Arctic sea route, Germany met its climate protection commitments under the Kyoto Protocol in 2008, Plant for the Planet: The millionth tree in Germany, Jjoint study by BMU, UBA and BDE: Climate protection potential of waste industry, New initiative for investments in climate action, Greenpeace Energy takes action against state aid for nuclear power, Anti-nuclear protesters demonstrate in Berlin, Canadian nuclear power plant leak, Greenpeace Activists block drilling rig, Japan to enforce no-go zone around nuclear plant, Fishing for Litter in Germany, Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster, Greenpeace Arctic Protest: 6 Women Activists Climb London Shard, Foreign Office publishes “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany”, E.ON suspends operation of its oldest nuclear power station Isar-1, Unterweser nuclear power plant, GKN I and KKP 1 nuclear power plants go offline, Greenpeace activists protest transport of fin whale meat, Sunniest spring ever recorded, Hundreds of thousands protest against nuclear energy, German Premiere of Jacques Perrin's "Oceans", Incident at the Forsmark nuclear power plant:, Germany’s Beech Forests inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Levels of particulate matter too high in Germany’s urban areas, WWF Study: Germany's Water Footprint, Germany August 2010 was the rainiest on record, Government Adopts Energy Concept, Protest against Arctic oil shipment in Rotterdam, Emissions trading: auctioning of allowances in Germany to be launched in 2010, Nuclear reactor not to be kept on stand-by, Roof collapses at Chernobyl nuclear plant, European Commission warns Germany of continued air pollution breaches, Greenpeace activists protest at a Statoil oil rig in northern Norway, Living Lake of the Year 2017 - Lake Steinhude, Germany has become the first country in the European Union (EU) to introduce a limit on uranium in drinking water, The Federal Cabinet adopted a Copernicus strategy for Germany, 60 packs of wolves living across Germany, 23th UN Climate Conference (COP23 | CMP13), Federal Environment Agency publishes maps on nitrate pollution of rivers in Germany (Nitrate Reports 2008, 2012 and 2016 and EU Nitrate Directive (91/676/EEC)), Green belt Germany becomes national heritage of nature, German Packaging Act comes into force at the beginning of 2019