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Fracking ban upheld by French constitutional court, France, ban, fracking, hydraulic fracturing, oil shale, shale gas

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Greenpeace action against whaling, Paris bans half of city's traffic, Over 20,000 seabirds killed in French storm, Eiffel Tower fitted with two wind turbines, Bahamas bans shark fishing, Global Frackdown Day, Greenpeace activists occupy France’s Fessenheim nuclear power plant, France Passes New Energy Law, New York City bans single-use styrofoam products, France annouces plan to build France's first offshore wind farm, Cargo Ship Juno breaks up off France, USGA: Fracking fluids spill caused fish kill, France destroys illegal ivory, Incident at French Penly-2 nuclear power plant, Fracking Bans Pass in Denton, Texas, Cabinet adopts far reaching restrictions on fracking, European Commission proposes full ban on driftnets, EU Reference Laboratory (EURL) for bee health, Regulate fracking now, France launches 3GW offshore wind tender, Ban on plastic bags at L.A. markets is approved, California Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, Nantes – European Green Capital 2013, International freight transport to quadruple by 2050, Paris to ban the most polluting diesel vehicles by July 2015, Significant conservation victory for the Great Barrier Reef, French shop window lighting ban, Antarctic fuel oil ban enters into force, EU bans fish imports from Belize, Cambodia, and Guinea, Ferries banned from dumping toilet waste in Baltic Sea, Mexico bans gillnets, Judge Rules Exxon Must Face Criminal Charges Over 50,000 Gallon Fracking Waste Spill, Genetically modified corn ban was justified, Ban on seal products in the EU, Chemical explosion in Toulouse, France, Sperm Whale Stranding in the Nort Sea, New York to ban fracking due to health risks, Flooding in France, Freighter TK Bremen runs aground off Brittany coast, Pipeline spills crude into French nature reserve, Scotland and Wales blocked fracking, French nuclear power plant shut down on Cooling Problems, Chemicals/REACH: EU to ban cadmium in jewellery, brazing sticks and all plastics, Shale gas: new fracking projects must pass environmental test, Explosion at French nuclear site, EU 100 watt light bulbs ban comes into force, Paris car ban, President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans, Genetically modified corn ban in Germany, EU countries will be allowed to tax plastic bags, First global climate agreement adopted, 21th UN Climate Conference (COP21 | CMP11), European Commission recommends minimum principles for shale gas, Incident at Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant (France), EU votes for non-renewal of three herbicides, Incident at Tricastin, France, European Parliament ban deep-sea fishing below 800 meters, European Citizens Launch Initiative to Ban Glyphosate, EU Parliament votes to ban pesticides from ecological focus areas, Mexico bans gill nets to save endangered vaquita porpoise, Kenya plastic bag ban comes into force, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, Tanker accident off the west coast of France - oil tanker 'Erika'