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BSEE gives Shell final nod to drill for oil in Arctic, Alaska, Arctic, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Chukchi Sea, Royal Dutch Shell, United States, Wainwright, final approval , oil drilling

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EPA lifts ban with BP, Study measures methane release from permafrost, President announces expansion of Papahānaumokuākea, Court orders Russia to pay compensation for Greenpeace ship seizure, Spain backs oil exploration off Canary Islands, Oregon Senate passes bill to scrap coal power, Ecuador’s parliament approves drilling for oil in Yasuni National Park, US Department of Interior approves Shell's oil spill plan for for the Chukchi Sea, NOAA erklärt den Tod von Walen im Golf von Alaska als ungewöhnliches Ereignis, NOAA declares deaths of large whales in Gulf of Alaska an unusual mortality event, US- Umweltbehörde verurteilt Shell wegen Verstoß gegen Luftreinhaltegesetz bei Ölbohrungen in Alaska, EPA fines Shell for Clean Air Act permit violations during offshore oil exploration in Alaska, WWF condemns Soco seismic testing in Virunga, Shell stoppt Bohrungen in der Arktis, Shell abandons Alaska Arctic drilling, Repsol scraps controversial oil exploration off Canary Islands, Oil company Soco not to drill in Virunga World Heritage Site, The U.S. and China Just Announced Important New Actions to Reduce Carbon Pollution, ConocoPhillips setzt seine Ölbohrungspläne in der Arktis aus, ConocoPhillips Suspends Its Arctic Drilling Plans, Greenpeace activists protest at Artic oil drilling on board an icebreaker in Helsinki, Shell contributes offshore rights near Lancaster Sound to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ecuador begins pumping oil in Yasuní, Umstrittene Lizenz für Öl-Bohrprojekt in der Tschuktschensee erteilt, Global Head of Greenpeace Arrested on Arctic Rig, Polar Bear Meeting in Tromsø, Greenpeace activists arrested during Russian Arctic oil protest, Foward on Climate' Rally in Washington, D.C., Greenpeace protest against Arctiv oil exploration, VW Manipulation of emission level, EU and USA agree to strengthen cooperation to combat illegal fishing, Greenpeace- Save The Arctic North Pole Expedition, U.S. destroys confiscated ivory stockpile, Federal Environment Minister visits research stations on Svalbard, Greenpeace activists occupy Arctic oil rig, Greenpeace Activists block drilling rig, Spain allows oil drilling off Canary Islands, Greenpeace Arctic Protest: 6 Women Activists Climb London Shard, Protest against Arctic oil shipment in Rotterdam, Ölkatastrophe vor Alaska, Oil spillage off Alaska, Tanker accident on Northern Sea Route, Tar sands spill from Exxon Mobil Corp’s Pegasus pipeline in central Arkansas, BP Pipeline leckt Ölgemisch in Alaska, BP pipeline leaks oily mixture onto Alaskan tundra, Russian fishery vessel grounded by the coast of the Bear Island, Schlepper läuft auf Bligh Riff im Prinz-William-Sund auf, Tug grounded on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, The National Park Service turns 100, Surprising climate balance: In the long term lakes in permafrost areas have sequestered more greenhouse gas from the atmosphere than they released during their formation, CryoSat-2 shows precise extent of the Arctic sea ice loss, Arctic sea ice breaks lowest extent on record, An international team of researchers gains new insights into arctic permafrost, Average sea ice extent for February 2013, Ongoing Retreat in the Arctic, new maximum in the Antarctic, Arktisches Wintereis auf Minimum, CryoSat - First seasonal variation map of Arctic sea-ice thickness, The North Pole is 20 C warmer than normal, Atlantikwasser wärmt die Arktis auf, Arctic sea ice in retreat, New Historic Arctic Sea Ice Minimum 2011, March 2012 – United States’ Warmest March, Successful conservation efforts pay off for humpback whales, Rapid Arctic sea ice loss, Arctic dust from melting glaciers, The EU Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment report was published, NASA Satellite Survey Reveals Dramatic Arctic Ice Thinning, November 2016 - Arctic sea ice hits record lows, German Arctic Office to act as consultant to politics and industry, US President Donald Trump backs Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, Litter Levels in the Depths of the Arctic are On the Rise, BP and Total set to drill for oil near newly discovered Amazon Reef , Greenpeace activists protest at a Statoil oil rig in northern Norway, Record-low sea ice extent at the poles, President Trump gives approval to Keystone XL oil pipeline, President Trump signs an Energy Independence Executive Order, US President Donald Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement, Study proves methane leaks around North Sea boreholes, Keystone pipeline leaks 795,000 litres of crude oil in South Dakota

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