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2030 climate and energy policy framework, 2030 climate and energy policy framework, European Council, climate protection, climate target, energy efficiency, energy target, greenhouse gas emission reduction, renewable energy

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EU cars to reduce CO2 emissions, Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate Legislation, Paris Agreement enters into force, Federal Government makes 35 million euros available for forest climate fund, The first solar airplane to circumnavigate the world, Commission proposes a single 'A to G' energy label, Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court, World’s largest solar powered bridge in London, Founding of the Renewables Club, Commission authorises Portuguese demonstration scheme for ocean energy technologies, Parliament adopts CO2 market stability reserve, National renewable energy action plan agreed, UBA moves into new zero-energy building in Berlin, Supreme Court blocks EPA's air pollution rules for power plants, Right Livelihood Award 2009 for Climate Protection, European Council adopts rules on invasive alien species, Thirteen US companies sign on to White House climate change pledge, Fossil of the Day to Germany at COP22, World's first large-scale tidal energy farm launches in Scotland, Unveiling of the World's Largest Solar Boat, Treibhausgasemissionen: Einrichtung einer Marktstabilitätsreserve gebilligt, New EWG study: International Energy Agency holds back global energy transition, Germany increases support for forest protection, European Parliament keeps carbon prices low, President Obama's Clean Power Plan, MEPs want binding 2030 goals for CO2 emissions, renewables and energy efficiency, 1 in 5 home appliances tested by NGOs using more energy than advertised, Jerry Brown orders big cut in greenhouse gases by 2030, Climate protection through conservation of mangroves in the South Pacific, Renewable Energy Day, New financial instruments for environment, energy efficiency and climate action projects, Dogger Bank Creyke Beck granted consent, ZERO Race - Around the World in 80 days with Zero Emission Vehicles!, Solar Impulse - Across America, Masdar City Abu Dabi, Global citizen consultation on climate action, Green Climate Fund ‘ready’ to start work, New fund a major boost for Amazon protection, EU endorses new OECD rules on export credits, EU environment ministers prepare the EU position for the UN Climate Change Conference, Netherlands State ordered to further limit greenhouse gas emissions, World's first eHighway opens in Sweden, El Hierro: Inauguration of the hydro-wind power plant, EIB to reinforce support for renewable and energy efficiency investment across Europe, Continental Church Appeal to COP 21 Negotiating Panel, EU countries will be allowed to tax plastic bags, Greenpeace Studie: Erneuerbare legen deutlich zu, The assessment of climate change mitigation cost is going to be improved., Emissions Reduction Fund legislation passed by Australian Senate, People's Climate March, Faith Commitments for a Living Planet, Desertec Foundation leaving the Dii, 2030 climate and energy goals for a competitive, secure and low-carbon EU economy, International Agency IRENA to be set up in January 2009, Blue Angel for Climate-Relevant Products, 22th UN Climate Conference (COP22 | CMP12), Twentieth UN Climate Conference (COP 20 | CMP 10), Seventh Petersberg Climate Dialogue, Sixteenth UN Climate Change Conference Cancun (COP 16 / CMP 6), Nineteenth UN Climate Conference in Warsaw (COP 19 / CMP 9), Developing countries accept 2-degree goal, Eighteenth UN Climate Change Conference, Doha (COP 18 / CMP 8), Bonn climate negotiations: Implementation phase of Paris Agreement begins, 21th UN Climate Conference (COP21 | CMP11), German Federal Parliament adopts changes for solar feed-in tariffs, Recast of the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings, EU to phase out energy-guzzling light bulbs, NRW cabinet adopts climate protection act, Globale Investitionen in erneuerbare Energien steigen auf Rekordhoch von 286 Milliarden US-Dollar, New record: renewables make up 78% of power consumption, Renewable energy experiencing double-digit growth worldwide, Record: Wind farms and solar plants produce more power than conventional power plants, 100% renewable electricity in Portugal for 107 hours, UBA emissions data for 2015 published, 2009 shows 8.4% decline in greenhouse gas emissions, Conserving continuous forests is important for mitigation of climate change, Dawn of a global new energy era - con­tinuing trend toward re­new­able energy sources, Survey on Environmental Awareness in Germany 2010, Jjoint study by BMU, UBA and BDE: Climate protection potential of waste industry, Launch of a World Energy Outlook Special Report, Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map, EU approves new rules for Member States to drastically cut air pollution, G7 Summit ends without agreement on climate change, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs published initial results of a consumer survey conducted in preparation of the review of the EU Energy Labelling Regulation on washing machines

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