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Moratorium on nuclear power ends, moratorium, nuclear power

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Greenpeace report: Lessons from Fukushima, Ban on Commercial Whaling stays, The launch ceremony for the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power station, Greenpeace activists occupy France’s Fessenheim nuclear power plant, Japanese court orders shutdown of two nuclear reactors, Greenland gets green light to hunt humpback whales, Germany is restarting exploration of potential nuclear storage site at Gorleben, German nuclear power plants to undergo safety review, German Government plans total nuclear shutdown by 2022, Japan restarts third nuclear reactor, CITES approves one-off sale off ivory to be followed by moratorium, Swiss lawmakers have approved a government-backed proposal to phase out the use of nuclear power, Fukushima cooling systems hit by power cut, FORSA survey: majority oppose nuclear power, European Parliament rejected calls to ban deepwater drilling in Europe's waters, Greenpeace protests Europe's ageing nuclear plants, 120 Kilometer lange Menschenkette gegen Atomkraft, First European Citizens Initiative against nuclear power, Switzerland to phase out nuclear power, Greenpeace Energy takes action against state aid for nuclear power, USA planen Neubau von Atomkraftwerken, Anti-nuclear protesters demonstrate in Berlin, Japan restarts first nuclear reactor since Fukushima disaster, E.ON suspends operation of its oldest nuclear power station Isar-1, Sweden lifts ban on nuclear power, Workers exposed to low-dose radiation face increased leukemia mortality risk