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First European Environmental Action programme, First, European, Environmental, Action, programme

Same spelling in use by the following Labels:

European Environmental Agency (EEA), Neue Unterstützung der EU für die Bekämpfung des illegalen Tötens von Elefanten und anderen gefährdeten Arten in den Entwicklungsländern, First carbon-free polar station opens in Antarctica, First international conservation conference, European conservation conference in Paris, First European Conference on Environment and Health, Second European Conference on Environment and Health, First UN World Population Conference in Bucharest, First UN World Population Conference in Mexico, European summit in Paris, First centralised water supply in Germany, First sewage system in Germany, First hydroelectric power, First sewage treatment plant in Germany, First drinking water reservoir in Germany., First soda factory, First synthetic Ammonia production, First Greenpeace activities in Germany, First magazine on chlorine-free paper, Germany's first "Environmental Field Hospitals", German federal government's first environment programme, Environmental Book of Law, Environmental Book of Law, Second European Environmental Action programme, Third European Environmental Action programme, Fourth European Environmental Action programme, Fifth European Environmental Action programme, First car-free Sunday, Environmental Survey, Monetarising Environmental Damage, European Union (EU), First bird conservation day in Germany, First mains water in Zittau, First mains water in Breslau, First sewage treatment works, First waste incineration plant., First regulations on health and material quality, First regulation on orderly waste disposal, First general administrative guidelines under the Federal Immissions Control Act (Technical Guidelines on Air Quality - TA Luft), Environmental Code failed, First report to the Club of Rome, Environmental Data, First report by the German Environment Ministry's Advisory Scientific Council

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