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Joint Implementation has undermined global climate ambition, study finds, Joint Implementation, Kyoto Protocol, Stockholm Environment Institut, emissions trade, study

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The EU’s complicity in illegal tropical deforestation, Study reveals what the world thinks of climate change, Studie stellt Wirksamkeit von Joint Implementation in Frage, WWF report: Almost a third of all natural World Heritage Sites under threat of oil, gas and mining exploration, Scientists analyse the extent of ocean acidification, Greenhouse gas emissions fall by 2.9 percent in 2011, Study Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone, Twentieth UN Climate Conference (COP 20 | CMP 10), Nineteenth UN Climate Conference in Warsaw (COP 19 / CMP 9), Thirteenth UN Climate Change Conference, Bali (COP 13 / CMP 3), Twelfth UN Climate Chance Conference, Nairobi (COP 12 / CMP 2), Fifteenth UN Climate Change Confernce (COP 15 / CMP 5), Eighteenth UN Climate Change Conference, Doha (COP 18 / CMP 8), 21th UN Climate Conference (COP21 | CMP11), Researchers Link Fastest Sea-Level Rise in Two Millennia to Increasing Temperatures, Atlantic Water Warms the Arctic, Chemical pollution of European waters is stronger than anticipated, Multifold increase in heat extremes by 2040, Catastrophic Declines in Earth’s Wilderness Areas, Study Finds, Hormone disrupting chemical Bisphenol A can transfer from receipts into our bloodstream, Study on car subsidy schemes, UBA study: Germany able to make 43-percent savings on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, Study: Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change, Study at Cologne-Bonn airport points to heightened risk of cardiovascular ailments owing to night-time aircraft noise, Drought Sensitivity of the Amazon Rainforest, The catastrophic decline of the world's freshwater turtles, Extension of energy production from biomass requires careful consideration, Germany met its climate protection commitments under the Kyoto Protocol in 2008, Overview of the Conservation Status of the Marine Fishes of the Mediterranean Sea, Mega trucks do not help to protect the climate, Extreme weather explains mangrove deaths in in Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, Irreversible ocean warming threatens the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, University of Siegen: Sea level rising at triple speed since 1990, The economic value of the Great Barrier Reef, Study in the Mackenzie Delta in Canada: Thawing permafrost releases old greenhouse gas, Study proves methane leaks around North Sea boreholes, Study: Electricity consumption in Europe will shift under climate change

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