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First International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, ASCOBANS, Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans in the Baltic and North Seas, Baltic Harbour Porpoise, Baltic Sea, IDBHP, International Day, International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, Phocoenidae, UNEP

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HELCOM launches a new project to promote advanced phosphorus removal, Gründung eines UN-Expertenrats zur Artenvielfalt, UN establishs an Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Umweltpionier Maurice Strong gestorben, Maurice Strong Dies, Vereinte Nationen werten ihr Umweltprogramm auf, United Nations upgrades Environment Programme, Ferries banned from dumping toilet waste in Baltic Sea, Joint Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme (BONUS), Erster UNEP-Permafrost-Report, First UNEP Permafrost Report, The European Commission proposes a new Regulation for the sustainable management of Baltic salmon, Start des UNEP-Klima-Helden-Projekts, Climate Heroes Program to be Launched By United Nations, Eine Milliarde Bäume Kampagne, Billion Tree Campaign, Baltic Sea designated as particularly sensitive sea area, Studie über Klimawirksamkeit von Rußpartikeln vorgestellt, Study Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone, ASCOBANS-Abkommen besteht seit 20 Jahren, 20th anniversary of the ASCOBANS agreement, For the first time, AWI scientists have found evidence of living, potentially pathogenic vibrions on microplastic particles, German Environment Groups and Nord Stream reach agreement, UN-Kampagne "Für eine Milliarde Bäume" Sieben Milliarden Bäume Ziel erreicht, UN's Billion Tree Campaign Hits its Seven Billion Goal Target, Wind farm Baltic 2 officially put into operation, Einigung über Minamata Konvention, Minamata Convention Agreed by Nations, Climate and Clean Air Coalition gegründet, Climate and Clean Air Coalition Initiative Launched, Erster Internationaler Tag des Ostsee Schweinswal, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, Erster Tag gegen den Lärm, Tag der Sonne (UNEP), Sun Day (UNEP), Earth Day, International Bag Free Day, Internationaler Tag der Umwelt, World Environment Day, Villach Konferenz, Villach Conference, UN-Konferenz in Bonn beschließt Schutzpläne für Schweinswale in Nord- und Ostsee, UN Conference in Bonn agrees Action Plans for Harbour Porpoises in the North and Baltic Sea, Offizielle Übergabe des UNEP Berichtes über die Auswirkungen der Ölförderung in der Ogoni-Region, Formal handover of the Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland, Collision between bulk carrier and container vessel, Umweltprogramm der Vereinten Nationen (UNEP), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Gründung des Zwischenstaatlichen Ausschuss für Klimaänderungen (IPCC), Establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Internationales Jahr der Fledermaus 2011- 2012, International Year of the Bat 2011 - 2012, ASCOBANS, ASCOBANS, Coast Forest Usedom - Forest of the Year 2016, UNEP: Water pollution in Asia, Africa and Latin America putting millions at risk, Globale Investitionen in erneuerbare Energien steigen auf Rekordhoch von 286 Milliarden US-Dollar, World record set in renewable energy investments, Blue-green algae blooms filling the Baltic Sea, Humpback Whale spotted in German waters, UN-Report: Marine Litter: A Global Challenge (2009), Marine Litter: A Global Challenge (2009), UNEP-Bericht: Climate Change Science Compendium 2009, Climate Change Science Compendium 2009, Business-Report der TEEB-Studie veröffentlicht, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Business Report • TEEB for Business – released 13 July 2010, First International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, European Commission proposes a ban on Baltic Eel Fisheries, Six new Marine Protected Areas in the North and Baltic Seas

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