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Mass killing of Cameroons elephants, African Elephant, Bouba Njida National Park, Cameroon, elephants, poaching, protection of species

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Greece has failed to fulfil its obligation to protect the sea turtle in the Bay of Kyparissia, New EU support to reduce illegal killing of elephants and other endangered species in developing countries, WWF EU sniffer dog programme, First International Snow Leopard Day, France destroys illegal ivory, Europeans Bison return to Germany, Tiger population increases 63 percent in Nepal, Great Elephant Census Final Results, Global Protection Strategy Proposed for Endangered Sawfish, Madagascar pochards need new wetland home, Kenia launches national strategies for large carnivores, International Trade Ban to Protect Pangolins, MEPs vote to give rules against cruel shark practice extra bite, U.S. destroys confiscated ivory stockpile, WWF raises alarm over Mozambique elephant killings, BirdLife asks Commission to take legal action over loss of farmland bird, International Polar Bear Day, World Wildlife Day, International Summit on the Conservation of the African Elephant, International Conference to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade, 2013: A bad year for elephants, South Africa: A rhino poaching record set in 2014, At least 26 elephants massacred in world heritage site, Successful conservation efforts pay off for humpback whales, Elephant Massacre in Chad, Rhino shot dead by poachers at French zoo , Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania

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