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Petermann Glacier calves again, Greenland, Petermann Glacier, glacier, iceberg

Same spelling in use by the following Labels:

Greenland loses more ice than assumed, Greenpeace aktivists display a large slogan at the Gorner glacier, Iceberg off Macquarie Island, Industrial black carbon suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat, Huge iceberg breaks away from the Pine Island glacier in the Antarctic, Greenland sets record temperatures, Greenland ice sheet melted at unprecedented rate during July, Research finds Greenland glacier melting faster than expected, Greenland gets green light to hunt humpback whales, NASA Rover Prototype Set To Explore Greenland Ice Sheet, 65. Tagung der Internationalen Walfangkommission in Slowenien, Global Head of Greenpeace Arrested on Arctic Rig, Cruise liner sinking after hitting iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean, Petermann Gletscher kalbt enorme Eisinsel, Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan, The first globally complete glacier inventory has been created, Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier, Huge Antarctic iceberg headed for open ocean, The 1968 Thule air crash, Greenpeace's activists occupy oil rig off Istanbul, Greenpeace protest against Arctiv oil exploration, Substantial Glacier Ice Loss in Central Asia’s Largest Mountain Range, Fastest glacier in Greenland, Greenpeace activists occupy Arctic oil rig, Greenland Government approves oil drilling program for 2011, Record decline of ice sheets: For the first time scientists map elevation changes of Greenlandic and Antarctic glaciers, Argentina: New Law to Protect Glaciers, New melt record for Greenland ice sheet, Arctic dust from melting glaciers, Larsen C calves trillion ton iceberg