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Controversial Paper Mill at Lake Baikal to re-open, Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill, Lake Baikal, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin , Russia, Siberia, pollution

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Lake Baikal, Thallium pollution in Lengerich, Water pollution in Norway, Chemical pollution in the English Channel, EU Commission guideline 96/61/EEC on the integrated avoidance and reduction of pollution, Pollution of the Rhine at Basel / Sandoz, Sandoz, Radioactive pollution in the Urals, Angara river oil spill, Formal handover of the Environmental Assessment of Ogoniland, Parliament demands tougher rules to save the European eel stock, The launch ceremony for the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power station, Court orders Russia to pay compensation for Greenpeace ship seizure, Nexen’s Fort McMurray pipeline spill, IPPC Directive enter in force, Arctic Nations Sign Declaration to Prevent Unregulated Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean, Global mercury ban, Revision of "Eurovignette" Directive, Amur Leopard's Rarest Cat Doubles in Population, Russia announces new national park to protect Far Eastern Leopards, Greenpeace activists arrested during Russian Arctic oil protest, World map of river pollution, Tiger summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, Russia boards the Greenpeace International ship Arctic Sunrise, Russia to evacuate floating ice station, Scientists regenerate a plant – 30,000 years later, The Hot Summer of 2010, Mayak Nuclear Accident, World’s first ice-breaking LNG tanker in Yamal LNG first