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Lake Tanganyika, Africa, Global Nature Fund, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Zambi, Threatened Lake of the Year 2017, threatened lake, World Day of Wetlands, Threatened Lake of the Year 2017: Lake Tanganyika

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Oil spillage off the West coast of South Africa, Oil spillage off the coast of South Africa, Lebendiger See des Jahres 2012: Stechlin See, Living Lake of the Year 2012 - Lake Stechlin, Lebendiger See des Jahres 2014: Chiemsee, Threatened Lake of the Year 2015: Lake Hovsgol in Mongolia, Threatened Lake of the Year 2016: Tonle Sap Lake, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2014: Sampaloc See auf den Philippinen, Threatened Lake of the Year 2014: Lake Sampaloc in Philippines, US President Obama makes pledge to tackle wildlife crime during Africa visit, Africa's first privately developed hydropower plant goes online, Virunga Park Chief Warden Shot, Lebendiger See des Jahres 2015: Schweriner See, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2013: Winnipegsee in Kanada, Threatened Lake of the Year 2013: Lake Winnipeg in Canada, Great Elephant Census Final Results, AfDB and WWF Call for Urgent Action to Combat Wildlife Crime, Madagascar pochards need new wetland home, Tanganjikasee hat sich extrem erwärmt, Lake Tanganyika has experienced unprecedented warming, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2012: Titicaca See in Peru und Bolivien, Threatened Lake of the Year 2012: Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia, Greenpeace opens African Office, Africa’s Longest-Known Terrestrial Wildlife Migration Discovered, Soco’s exploration in Virunga violates OECD guidelines, WWF alleges, Desertec Industrial Initiative launched in Munich, UN blue helmets to airlift orphan gorillas to DR Congo nature reserve, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2008: Mahakam-Feuchtgebiet in Indonesien, Bedrohter See des Jahres / Trägerorganisation, Organiser of Threatened Lake of the Year, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2007: Pantanal, Brasilien, Paraguay und Bolivien, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2006: Totes Meer, Israel, Jordanien und Palästina, Threatened Lake of the Year 2006: Dead Sea, Israel, Jordan and Palestine, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2005: Viktoriasee, Kenia, Tansania und Uganda, Threatened Lake of the Year 2005: Lake Victoria in Kenya, Tansania and Uganda, Bedrohter See des Jahres 2004: Chapala-See in Mexiko, Threatened Lake of the Year 2004: Lake Chapala in Mexico, Elephant Massacre in Chad, Landscape of the Year 2017/ 2018/ 2019: Senegal/Gambia , Bedrohter See des Jahres 2017: Tanganjikasee, Lebendiger See des Jahres 2017: Steinhuder Meer, Leading elephant conservationist shot dead in Tanzania


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