1. The Federal Environmental Agency publishes "Sustainable Germany - roads to environmentally sustainable development". This combination of environmental, social and economic criteria into a vision of the future challenges environmentalists to define their goals. The FEA's experts draw up scenarios for sustainable development in an industrial country like Germany up to the year 2010.

  2. The "Red list of endangered biotope types of the Federal Republic of Germany" has been published by the BfN. For the first time, this list does not cover species but habitats in their contextual endangerment.

  3. The Dobris Report is published within the Conference of Europe in Sofia.

  4. The European Union publishes its third "Report on the State of the Environment"

  5. In preparation for the Rio conference, a WHO commission produces a comprehensive picture of world health in its report "Our Planet, our Health".

  6. Documentation of accidents in industrial facilities or involving hazardous substances. 2 editions.