1. The European Community publishes its second "Report on the State of the Environment"

  2. In "Seveso is Everywhere", Egmont Koch and Fritz Vahrenholt warn of the dangers inherent in the chemicals industry.

  3. Robert Jungk's book attacks the use of nuclear power, strengthening its opponents.

  4. The European Community publishes its first "Report on the State of the Environment"

  5. With its book on air quality criteria, dealing with lead, the FEA comes into serious conflict with the car lobby for the first time. However, the FEA's warnings have an effect: lead content in petrol is fixed by law and leaded normal petrol has been banned in Germany since 1988.

  6. Herbert Gruhl (1921 - 1993), at the time a CDU member of parliament, publishes his (sometimes controversial) book.

  7. The Club of Rome's second report appears: "Mankind at the Turning-Point" by Mihailo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel.

  8. The Advisory Scientific Council, a committee of experts reporting to the German government, produces its first report.

  9. The much-discussed first report to the Club of Rome, "The Limits of Growth", by Dennis L. Meadows, is published.