The Environment Chronicle

Notable environmental events between 1980 and 1989 Deselect

  1. The Frankfurt Conference adopted a key, pioneering document, the European charta "Environment and Health". The charta defines rights and obligations, among other things. A European Centre for Environment and Health was established.

  2. In 1985 a joint UNEP/WMO/ICSU Conference was convened in Villach (Austria) on the “Assessment of the Role of Carbon Dioxide and of Other Greenhouse Gases in Climate Variations and Associated Impacts”. The conference concluded, that “as a result of the increasing greenhouse gases it is now believed that in the first half of the next century (21st century) a rise of global mean temperature could occur which is greater than in any man’s history.”

  3. The conference stresses the need for social research into improving the provision of family planning, as well as individual and national reproductive rights.

  4. The London Dumping Convention adopts a worldwide moratorium on atomic waste dumping at sea. Great Britain alone refuses to participate.